byOne Step From Hell @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
Make complaints
byABC(AssetBlockChain) @2017-Beijing
1st Prize Fintech, Machine Learning
Based on Blockchain and smart contracts, a simple cultural asset trading platform is implemented. Content producers can register and tokenize their own content products, and consumers and investors ca……
Mood Diary
by不知道叫什么 @2017-Xian
1st Prize
Mood diary is a light life mobile app, which records the mood of someone’s daily life in the most convenient way.Users can intuitively view the past mood diary and the system can generate a monthly mo……
Gmail Downloader
by董先森 @2017-Shanhai
1st Prize Fine ProductionMachine Learning
By Extracting the user’s basic information and social information, through visualization, machine learning and other technical methods, the user’s valuable information can be deeply explored and visua……
Brain Wave Analyze
byeeg @171217@X-Lab
1st Prize
By analyzing brain waves to predict when a patient is ill, our day’s job is to analyze whether the patient has epilepsy or not through nlp analysis of the patient’s case, and to conduct a preliminary……
byOdera @1801 Blockchain@SF
1st Prize Fine ProductionBlockchain
Odera – microfinancing reimagined. We leverage blockchain technology and machine learning to link interest free loan lenders to borrowers. We use a two-token structure to incentivize users to maintain……
by考古专家 @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
1st Prize
What we do is to use container technology to develop a quantitative backtesting platform that can be deployed quickly. Each user’s software runs in a separate container, security is guaranteed, and co……
byOversleptTmono @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
1st Prize Blockchain
Small and beautiful Ethereum wallet address avatar service
byTeam OneX @4.28-4.29 Blockchain@SF
1st Prize AI, Machine Learning
Bacteria recognition
Academic dataBase Chain
by六个学神 @4.28-4.29 Tsinghua
1st Prize Blockchain, Data Analysis
A chain of integrated academic qualifications, grades and educational services.
Campus Online
byAfterglow @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
1st Prize Product Design
The openId is obtained through an Applet, and the student identity information is bound to the micro signal. Use Applets to connect to campus scenes, use scanning Applet code,s two-dimensional codes,……
Patients may view how their health records are used after they send them to clinical researchers and health providers.
byScintillating @9.22-9..23GHS@Boston
1st Prize Data Analysis
Our company, Scintillating, has created Delphus: a blockchain based clinical trial management system. During the hackathon, we implemented a new feature to Delphus. We created a user interface that al……
Making smart contracts easy
byEasyContract @9.22-9..23GHS@Boston
1st Prize Blockchain
Using Natural Language processing to generate smart contracts. Making smart contracts accessible to everyone .
Blockchain and ML solution for potholes
byPochinki @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
1st Prize Data Analysis, Machine Learning
Pothole Detection using ML(Transfer Learning) , this data will be sent to the map api where Flagging of Potholes will be done which in turn warns the next commuter regarding the upcoming pothole.
byLFP Hackers @10.20-10.21GHS@Oxford
1st Prize AI, Data Analysis
Proof of loan is the blockchain infrastructure for secure and transparent debt fundraising for startup projects. The transparency is guaranteed by the complex crypto wallet structure, autonomous finan……
Story Industry Protoco
by스토리체인 (Storichain) @10.27-10.28 GHS@Seou
1st Prize
Story Industry Protocol & dApps for Story Creation & IP Trade 이야기 산업을 위한 스토리 창작 및 신뢰 거래계약 프로토콜 및 dApp
Cosmos Graphs
byDijkstra @11.03-11.04GHS@Berlin
1st Prize Blockchain
Write a network analysis & attack toolkit for the Tendermint P2P layer
EOS based medical record exchange
byrice cracker @11.10-11.11GHS@Tokyo
1st Prize Blockchain, Machine Learning
Nowadays many hospitals are working on electronic management of medical information; for example, an electronic medical record or E-karte is one of specific examples. However, it is extremely difficul……
How much do I know about my video?
by董先seng @2017-Beijing
2nd Prize
User travel visual trajectory under big data
White Board
byPhantom Emsemble @2017-Xian
2nd Prize Machine Learning
With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence, more and more people have entered the field of data research. This project is designed based on the problem of the difficulty of training eng……
Blockchain Browser
byfriendship is magic @2017-Shanhai
2nd Prize Fine ProductionBlockchain
The project is try to make QTUM network more scalable.It enables the browser to visualize the blockchain through the Web service, and can view the information of any block in the network, issue smart……
Housing Energy Manager
by爱E家 @171217@X-Lab
2nd Prize AI, Product Design
This is a household energy data sensor using artificial intelligence. It knows the details of all household electricity consumption, understands the start and stop of each electrical appliance, energy……
byAvocado Toast @1801 Blockchain@SF
2nd Prize Fine ProductionBlockchain
Cado – Avocado Crop Insurance
Block Digger
by @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
2nd Prize Blockchain
Blockchain is a treasure-winning game. When a digital currency enters a smart contract, it automatically generates a rich market price with multiple certificates with an address. Each user can obtain……
Ftx without Tmono
by @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
2nd Prize Blockchain
Item trading platform based on Ethereum smart contract Support ERC20ERC721 offline items
Huobi(Solution to Huobi Competition No.2 (Inactive addresses alarming system)
byBlocky @4.28-4.29 Blockchain@SF
2nd Prize Blockchain
Inactive address monitor, will track the movement of inactive bitcoin accounts and send out alarms if changes occurs
by进击的hacker @4.28-4.29 Tsinghua
2nd Prize Blockchain
Provide a set of information management system for non-profit organizations, using Blockchain technology to ensure that the information entered is not tamperable, can not be deleted, can be publicly q……
by现场保洁队 @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
2nd Prize
Decrypting user funds in Bitcoin, dataset Extracter and user address clustering, generating user graph algorithm implementation, enabling user address dataset display, user capital flow graph, and fun……
Autonomous Distribution of Media Content Using BYTOM
byAcid @9.22-9..23GHS@Boston
2nd Prize
Autonomous Distribution of Media Content Using BYTOM
Decentralized micro vendor payment system for digital currencies
byWePay @9.22-9..23GHS@Boston
2nd Prize Product Design
WePay brings cash micro vendors into digital currency eco systems. Our hardware and software powered by mobiles allows payments which are cheap, fast and easy. We enable shoppers to make seamless paym……
Crowdfunding for opensource projects
byConsenso @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
2nd Prize Blockchain, Machine Learning
A GitHub like repository hosting service for open source projects that will rate the contributors based on the number of commits and quality of each commit. When someone wants to fund a project, he/sh……
bybitHedge @10.20-10.21 GHS@Oxford
2nd Prize UI, UX
We offer a hedging service for Local Cash traders. We allow our users to lock the price between
byGT @10.27-10.28GHS@Seou
2nd Prize AI, Machine Learning
Information hunters gather news from all over the web (websites, twitter etc) and submit the urls to the blockchain. One url can be submitted only once. They also provide their opinion on whether it i……
Vapor Market
byVapor @11.03-11.04GHS@Berlin
2nd Prize Blockchain
Funding and license issuing platform
Hard Proof
byHard Proof @11.10-11.11GHS@Tokyo
2nd Prize AI
Proof the existence of any document or file through a few simple clicks
Financial data visualization platform
by槽点点 @2017-Beijing
3rd Prize UX
Provide an Internet product voicing review platform for designers, product managers and other Internet industry practitioners
How much do I know about travel – travel applications – sponsorship issues – sponsorship issues
by吸猫大队 @2017-Beijing
3rd Prize Machine Learning, UX
Through data mining and analysis technology and Machine Learning, the precise connection between pet lovers and pet owners is realized, creating a one-stop information service platform.
byREED LINE @2017-Xian
3rd Prize UI
It is very important to place a warning sign on the car to avoid the occurrence of a second car accident. Many drivers are now only placed the warning sign close to the vehicle. This product is a smar……
BETA – Children Safety Manager
by贝塔BETA @171217@X-Lab
3rd Prize AI, Product Design
Child safety has always been a concern of the society, and the recent incidents of child abuse have occurred frequently, causing great concern. Through artificial intelligence technology, this project……
Rare Disease 3C Platform
by @171217@X-Lab
3rd Prize AI, Product Design
Using 6MWT as an entry point, relying on information and using rehabilitation video as a revenue interface to create a comprehensive service for rare diease.
byPharmaChain @1801 Blockchain@SF
3rd Prize Fine ProductionBlockchain
PharmaChain – Pharmachain offers predictive medical inventory for health care providers. It uses an RNN to make inventory predictions, and then interfaces with smart contracts on the Ethereum network……
by @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
3rd Prize
Meet the Unknown Self
by遇见未知的自己 @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
3rd Prize AI
Topic No.11 Voice Interaction We will implement a voice-based interactive personality test answering applet. We will use speech synthesis technology to produce speech themes, use speech recognition te……
byBeautter @4.28-4.29 Blockchain@SF
3rd Prize AI, Blockchain, UI, UX
Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgery
by时光大富翁队 @4.28-4.29 Tsinghua
3rd Prize Blockchain
One of the main features of Blockchain is that each block records the data required to be recorded. This data is permanent and cannot be tampered with. It is somewhat overkill to use Blockchain as a g……
Kun is too big for two Blockchains
byZukunft @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
3rd Prize Blockchain
A card game for raising Kun on Blockchain, including card parameter design, card generation system, card fusion system, card circulation and other functions.
byAccredit @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
3rd Prize Blockchain, Product Design, UI, UX
Accredit helps non technical founders to hire technical talent by delegating the technical code review to industry experts.
Company Asset Registry
by12 @10.20-10.21 GHS@Oxford
3rd Prize
Company asset registry on a permissioned blockchain, where different assets are audited by regulatory bodies and insurers may insure the value of the objects.
Decentralized Company
bywayz @10.27-10.28GHS@Seou
3rd Prize Product Design, UI, UX
Operator, Developer, Designer
Elastos Blog
byEla Bloggers @11.03-11.04GHS@Berlin
3rd Prize Blockchain
1. Using Elastos DID service as user identification provider, check the DID of given private key
by二十四 @2017-Beijing
Enterprise Prize Product Design
Through the use of our platform, solve the problem of difficult access to high-priced information, and solve the problem of asymmetric information about rental housing.
AI issues in the field of archaeology
byChicken dinner tonight @2017-Beijing
Enterprise Prize Machine Learning, UI
Extraction of Data from the common credit card forum post content; portrayal, small cash loan and 薅 wool section of the post content
Blockchain-based cultural asset trading platform
byoh cool  @2017-Beijing
Enterprise Prize
Automate the extraction of user behavior data of video websites, combine the background information of different types of users, and use recommendation algorithms to improve the stickiness of video we……
Gmail Downloader
byMonty Hall @2017-Shanhai
Enterprise Prize Data Analysis
After the user is authorized to log in, extract the user’s Gmail email content, and use the word segmentation technology + word cloud visualization tool to make the user’s personal version of the Gmai……
Gmail Downloader
byZTO @2017-Shanhai
Enterprise Prize Crawler, Data Analysis
Gmail users are authorized to log in to get user message content segmentation and visualize it as a word cloud
Factory electricity modeling prediction
by必胜客 @2017-DataHacks
Based on the power consumption of important equipment, office building flow, weather, time and other data, the method of Machine Learning is applied to model and predict the future electricity consump……
Quant Sharing
by量化共享 @2017-DataHacks
Quant Sharing: Provides an open platform to showcase Quant strategies that are free, open source, and provide historical backtesting performance to help investors make Quant investments
CPI Timely Feedback
byCPI @2017-DataHacks
Consumer price index based on network big data: collecting big data through the network, reflecting the change of residents’ living cost comprehensively, accurately and instantly
Trading Assistant
byBLACK PEARL @2017-DataHacks
Manage large numbers of accounts through automated trading to reduce irrational factors in the trading process
Event curve based FTP curve prediction system
by成府班客 @2017-DataHacks
Fine ProductionFintech
Improve the traditional FTP curve construction method, analyze the historical data of the impact of the central bank’s lifting interest events, and establish a prediction model to develop an FTP curve……
FinGOGO Store Information System
byFinGoGo @2017-DataHacks
Through the industry data collection system, the store Quant evaluation system, Quant assessment of the store’s operating status, and provide data support for the seller’s business decisions by presen……
Stock public opinion monitoring
by草稿纸 @2017-DataHacks
According to the stock data of various industries, the signal extraction is carried out, and the signal correlation modeling is carried out to identify the stock signal pattern, and the analysis of pu……
IV curve correction
byFlash @2017-DataHacks
IV Curve Correction: Visualization of mobile terminals through model support option IV correction
Stock social app based on sell forecasting model
by标杆 @2017-DataHacks
Fine ProductionFintech
The multiple stock market crash in the A-share market has caused retail investors to fight against the stock market. The “Benchmark” has obtained data that can improve the accuracy of selling through……
Le Rent App
byGeoGeeks @2017-DataHacks
Machine Learning
Comprehensive Sensing, various geographic location data, using the Machine Learning method and information extraction technology to provide tenants with multi-dimensional housing recommendation inform……
Blockchain domain bidding
by赛艇队 @2017-DataHacks
Analysis of bidding based on the domain name of Ethereum Blockchain
Smart Energy Finance Information
by少帅 @2017-DataHacks
Timely and efficient screening and interpretation of unstructured Finance information
Optimization of 618 combination strategy
by618 @2017-DataHacks
Fintech, Machine Learning
Use Machine Learning to optimize the strategy, perform weights based on historical known performance of each strategy, and get optimized strategies.
Automatic research report system
by青椒&TopHacker @2017-FinHack
Fine Production
Using natural language processing, knowledge map technology, comprehensive information processing of various research reports. Through natural language processing technology, market related informatio……
Halo intelligent investment platform
by马前卒 @2017-FinHack
The analysis framework is standardized, and the research report is transferred to a halo strategy and tuned with different models.
byCarenve @2017-FinHack
The individualized insurance consumption upgrade combined with the driving behavior of the base car and the use of vehicle related data.
Faith_brain B1E
byFaith_brain B1E @2017-FinHack
Based on NLP, A-share Finance news monitoring, forecasting the stock market ups and downs.
B1G Alpha Golden
byB1G Alpha Golden @2017-FinHack
Blockchain, Fintech
Blockchain technology in the P2P industry in the middle and back office, using Blockchain technology to simplify the payment process
byFinGeO @2017-FinHack
Finance knowledge map based on geographic data
byVanilla @2017-FinHack
Blockchain, Fintech
Based on Ethernet and Blockchain, it can replace ETC’s more convenient and secure offline payment method.
Golden Lion Smart B1H
by金狮智能B1H @2017-FinHack
Based on AI, it automatically translates foreign audio and video Finance information to provide Chinese users with more convenient Chinese information services.
Minimal block
by极简区块 @2017-FinHack
Blockchain, Fintech
Visualize Blockchain Development, simplifying the Blockchain Development process and making Blockchain Development easier for more people.
Finance public opinion monitoring
by青椒 @2017-FinHack
Based on natural language processing technology, the domestic Finance news is processed and analyzed to help fund managers and Finance investors to do investment analysis.
Black Litter Men B1D
byBlack Litter Men B1D @2017-FinHack
Based on the B-L model, the second-level market risk control strategy is studied to reduce the trading risk of investment trading strategies.
Financial valuation system
by真实青椒 @2017-FinHack
Automatically correlate financial reports, valuations, and related events of 3,000 listed companies
Convenient rental information search
by三人组 @2017-Beijing
According to the source, and correlate the data of these data sources, with the help of the pharmaceutical industry personnel, create a simple prototype of the associated data monitoring system.
BD data tracking and association issues in pharmaceutical research and development
by灼见 @2017-Beijing
Research and realize the identification scheme of chemical molecular structure, and transform the two-dimensional structure into a three-dimensional model.
Pharmacopoeia chemical structure OCR recognition
by永远的奥古斯都 @2017-Beijing
Fine Production
Due to the existence of shareholders in the listed companies and mutual investment in non-listed subsidiaries. Therefore, we believe that there are stock price linkages between the two listed companie……
Stock Investment Strategy Based on the Linkage Map of Listed Companies
by三站地铁到 @2017-Beijing
The cultural relics unearthed at the archaeological site need to be identified and identified. This process usually requires experts and a lot of time. Use AI to make archaeology easier.
Credit card forum public opinion monitoring
by慢雪球 @2017-Beijing
Helping ordinary investors to make a visual platform for investment strategies
by114 @2017-Xian
At present, there are some problems in the evaluation of food in the catering market environment. In the food evaluation of the catering industry, the commonly used software has a single form, a disor……
Data Visualization of Auto Commute Platform
byBGG @2017-Xian
Travel platform data visualization Project introduction: Visualize the display and analysis of travel data of Ctrip, OFO, Mobike and other travel platforms, and forecast future travel conditions to he……
by忘了爱队 @2017-Xian
The square dance disturbs the people and creates an ecologically pleasant community, which exerts great value in a limited venue. The plot is divided into a ground floor and an underground patio. The……
Master Club
byhelp @2017-Xian
In order to solve the problems of exams and exams, we integrated the information of the existing platform and launched a one-stop service website that is convenient for docking and learning, searching……
byeeyes1 @2017-Xian
Data Analysis
Through label management and importance ranking, it can accurately realize the efficient management of the network, customize a variety of periodic events, remind users for different personal connecti……
by七仙女 @2017-Xian
This is an app to give the virtual experimental environment for those who want to experiment but cannot find a place. and give the experiment a background story so that they can review the learning ex……
Alipay User Portraits
by蚁友创腾 @2017-Shenzhen
User portraits that provide users with personal consumption records
Big News
by队伍B @2017-Shenzhen
Data Analysis
News knowledge map based on big data mining technology, providing users with a simple and fast overview of corporate news
Maker Map
by创客地图 @2017-Shenzhen
Product Design
Shenzhen is China’s smart hardware Silicon Valley. The perfect industrial chain attracts the world’s makers,which means it can complete the product from idea, prototype to finally go to market in a ve……
Lawyer Auto Match
by法通 @2017-Shenzhen
Internet of Things
Accurately match lawyers for users
Personal Credit Report Repair & Loan Products Match
by柒信 @2017-Shenzhen
Data Analysis, Fintech
Provide free credit report analysis and credit repair for individual customers, intelligently match loan products based on customer credit status
Blockchain Browser
by区块链浏览器 @2017-Shenzhen
Blockchain Visual Browser wxapp
Wechat Print App
by酷图软件 @2017-Shenzhen
WeChat-based printing robot, driver-free, office space for maker space
Hax Has Tunes
byHax有编曲 @2017-Shanhai
Machine Learning
By inputting the melody edited by the user, the back end and the sound library are matched and selected, and then the style input by the user determines the direction of the harmony (harmonic sequence……
Asset Visualization and Management System
bySLH @2017-Shanhai
Data Analysis
The Visual Portfolio Management System helps users to dynamically track the asset allocation of financial accounts, display the source of profit and loss and show the top five most and least profitabl……
Date Robot
by伴伴 @171217@X-Lab
The robot talks to the user and recommends a companion suitable for the user.
AI Healthy Recipe
by吃货雷达 @171217@X-Lab
AI, Product Design
“AI Health Recipes” combines healthy diets with user taste preferences based on user health indicators, dining records, and nutritional content of various foods, restaurant reviews, etc., and recommen……
See You – Purest and Safest SNS
byDeath Geeker @2017-Wuhan
Product Design
[See you] Recommend the closest friends in the same city to you, and strive to create the purest and safest social app in the whole planet.
Keyword Extraction and Topic Generator
by我小叮当还能说什么队 @2017-Wuhan
Data Analysis
The LDA model and the TF-IDF algorithm extract the keyword information of the text and predict the topic related to the keyword, so that the user can read similar information.
Weibo Followers Portrait
by对对队 @2017-Wuhan
AI, Data Analysis
By capturing the microblog user data, the microblog user image is obtained as data support and decision aid for new media operations.
Death Report
by就凭你也想和高阶领主说话队 @2017-Wuhan
Product Design
In the first person, RPG, plot to the game. Fine style
by各位爷给妞笑一个队 @2017-Wuhan
Product Design, UI
High Score Movie App from the audience point of view
Wen Ni Da Ye (Go to your Uncle)
by大爷说的都队 @2017-Wuhan
Your “uncle” will help you with your family tree to avoid the awkward moment when social.
by第三水雷艦隊 @2017-Wuhan
Product Design
A time APP for managing work and learning projects that users are currently participating in. Support for integrated management of files, folders, urls, and memos used in multiple projects helps users……
by我们队 @2017-Wuhan
Search tools and microtutorials for shortcut users. Functions: 1. Minimalist operation – search shortcut key 2. Dynamic graphics – memory shortcut key 3. Intelligent association – learning shortcut ke……
Smart School Bus
by老司机带你坐校车队 @2017-Wuhan
Product Design, UI
A platform for information processing and sharing between drivers and users (students/teachers).
Girl’s Wear Camera
by主持人小姐姐好漂亮队 @2017-Wuhan
Product Design
I Have a dream,that every developer could be able to wear a women‘s suit.
Xiao Du
by露娜拿蓝难不难队 @2017-Wuhan
A personalized Chating robot for Tencent QQ terminal.
by做得都队 @2017-Wuhan
The purpose is to achieve the network full coverage price comparison, the specific form is the web, capture data to the database, according to the user’s specific needs, the search results displayed,……
My “Double Eleven” Internet Shopping Day
by不三不四队 @2017-Wuhan
We can help you to get rid of the complicated and confusing double 11 promotions.
Forensics Assistant—Blockchain Based Forensics Plateform
by超级赛亚人队 @2017-Wuhan
Application scenario: when you find your article published on a website, but when you are ready to Sue, the article has been deleted. However, through this platform, infringement can be found and evid……
Join Me
by四计美队 @2017-Wuhan
Product Design
Making appointment and block time period for stury pairs, each pair of the group could help each other to restrain themselves and create their habits after a period of time.
How Much you know about My Video
by红鲤鱼与绿鲤鱼与驴队 @2017-Wuhan
Machine Learning
According to the user’s video browsing record, depict the user’s portrait, and make accurate video recommendation and advertising positioning to the user.
Global Social Media Distuibuted Storage Database
byiLifeChain @1.27-1.28Blockchain@Beijing
ILifeChain is a distributed blockchain database that can import, add, delete, edit and permanently store life memories of major global social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with on……
Ethereum Based Data Crowdsourcing Annotation Platform
byTrinity @1.27-1.28Blockchain@Beijing
Blockchain, Smart Contract
The biggest changage that the artificial intelligence currently facing cururently industry is data, which restricts the accuracy of the algorithm. However, the current solution to the problem of data……
Ethereum Based Design of Block Chian Advertisement System
by呱呱广告 @1.27-1.28Blockchain@Beijing
Blockchain, Data Analysis
In the existing advertising and settlement system, there are many problems such as too many middle layers between advertisers and media owners, and transaction information cannot be verified. Therefor……
Decentralized Smart Lock
byDSL @1.27-1.28Blockchain@Beijing
Decentralized smart locks which realize a real sharing economy by blockchain. “Sharing economy” companies such as Airbnb and Uber are still huge agents that pool the resources of landlords (resource o……
Ethereum Based Design of Integral Wall Dapp
by大师兄说的队 @1.27-1.28Blockchain@Beijing
Build a integral wall based on the ETH Public Blockchain Dapp with tools such as the web3, solidity, and truffle: advertisers advertising contracts and injection of PRA Token, white list (an array of……
Experiment of Bitcoin Price Prediction by Deep Learning
by西西弗斯的忧郁 @1.27-1.28Blockchain@Beijing
AR, Blockchain
Deep learning experiments to predict the price of bitcoin
by旺财 @1.27-1.28Blockchain@Beijing
Blockchain, Machine Learning
An AR Game of pet collection, PK to develop the pet. Through the introduction of AR scene, the pet cultivation plan is combined with the stranger pet PK to increase the playability and interest of the……
byhACKbUSTER @1.27-1.28Blockchain@Beijing
Blockchain, Machine Learning
Let the world witness your love by unchangeable modification of blockchain technology.
Game of Memory
by快块儿 @1.27-1.28Blockchain@Beijing
AI, Blockchain
The product enables players to replace the work certificate through the casual memory game competition and obtain the corresponding tokens through the blockchain technology
Asset Securitization Blockchian Application
by资产证券 @1.27-1.28Blockchain@Beijing
Blockchain, Machine Learning
Private placement as a theme.
byCODA @1801 Blockchain@SF
CODA – Uses AI to match investors with promising Artist projects. Component of DAO-based Record Label.
Rewards with Tut coins
byThe SBAMB Show @1801 Blockchain@SF
Rewards with Tut coins
Alpha Centauri
byAlpha Centauri @1801 Blockchain@SF
Creating workplace management solution using “Trusty the AI” and Blockchain. The blockchain solution to secure peers’ feedbacks
WellBe Health
byWellBE @1801 Blockchain@SF
WellBe Health provides distributed intelligent continuous care. We are working on a Dapp that provides a patient first decentralized health record using AI for preliminary diagnosis.
by慢雪球 @3.17-3.18 Blockchain@SF
Based on the global lending treasure of blockchain, for the credit data exchange of small loan companies, the credit of users on the chain is expanded.
Smart Signature
by友谊是魔法 @3.17-3.18 Blockchain@SF
Based on the existing products on the chain, the smart signature further expands its application and creates a “smart signature” that firmly locks the “patent/author” rights of personal media products……
Traffic Chain
by友谊不是魔法 @3.17-3.18 Blockchain@SF
Blockchain-based social traffic supervision platform
Peppa Pig
by小猪佩奇 @3.17-3.18 Blockchain@SF
The application of blockchain in food safety anti-counterfeiting traceability system, taking pig production and consumption as an example
byGivenChain @3.17-3.18 Blockchain@SF
The public welfare management platform based on blockchain technology mainly solves problems such as fixed-point mutual assistance and traceability. The characteristic is that the process is simple an……
3 O’Clock
by三点钟 @3.17-3.18 Blockchain@SF
BTC inactive address monitoring and alarm system: design inactive address definition, monitoring, alarming and statistics on inactive address state changes
byeeyes3队 @3.10-3.11Xian
Product Design
The main function is to transfer the sensor data of the mobile phone to the computer and convert it into a computer mouse keyboard.
Teaching Without Borders
byoctopus @3.10-3.11Xian
Based on the current unbalance in the distribution of the teaching resources, low level of teaching data sharing and academic copyright etc.
Quantitative Strategy Information Display Page
by啵唧队 @3.10-3.11Xian
The existing strategy display interface restricts more investors to contact the quantitative strategy. The new page is designed for the mobile side, to understand the new strategy anytime, anywhere; t……
Virtual Delivery
by组个队吧 @3.10-3.11Xian
E-commerce new gameplay – virtual delivery, value-added services based on AR technology for e-commerce platforms. Platform merchants can purchase the service to create store top sellers and enhance th……
by匪菜队 @3.10-3.11Xian
“I have a long telescope, I can see everything you do to my children” — Telescreen. In the fall of 2017, there were some socially violent incidents that occurred in educational places, and we designed……
Stock Market Calendar
by黄历大仙队 @3.10-3.11Xian
Intelligent Hardware
Show the size of the systemic risk in the stock market in a way that the masses like to see and hear, so that retail investors can avoid the systemic risks of the market through timing strategies like……
Youxin Chain-Blockchain Global Lending
by慢雪球 @3.10-3.11Xian
A friend-circle lending program based on the Hyperledger FabricBlockchain platform. It establishes an open and transparent credit system, and acquaintances supervised repayments.
Xiao Lin
by萌三队 @3.10-3.11Xian
Intelligent Hardware
We designed an app. Its function is to use the mobile phone sensor to output the “feeling” of the mobile phone to reach the purpose of personalization of the mobile phone.
byweird head @3.10-3.11Xian
This product is a stand-alone casual game on the Android platform. This game does not use any third-party libraries, it is completely implemented by the basic libraries of Java and Android, and the un……
bydapdap @3.10-3.11Xian
Blockchain games are the hottest topic in the recent Blockchain field, and players are increasingly demanding game data. Dapdap is the Blockchain game leaderboard, and all data is derived from Ethereu……
What’s For Lunch
by零客队 @3.10-3.11Xian
Product Design
In order to solve the problem that some users have difficulty choosing what to eat for lunch and dinner, we plan to develop an app, Extract nearby takeaway information, and allow users to select any m……
Xiao Mi
by四个臭皮匠 @3.10-3.11Xian
Blockchain, Machine Learning
Using the WeChat applet platform, build an interactive application based on the deep learning intelligent algorithm to realize the textual input of the user’s voice input. It can interact with the use……
Creative Workshop
byeeyes2队 @3.10-3.11Xian
Product Design
A UGC community for resource sharing on the Xi’an Jiaotong University campus. Features include: online and offline combination. A platform for sharing, discussing, and realizing the creativity of coll……
by小面筋 @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
Blockchain, Data Analysis
Based on Hyperledger’s Blockchain advertising solution, it is committed to using Blockchain technology to solve data opacity in online advertising. User preferences, browsing history and other informa……
Blockchain Love (Quickly Fall in Love)
by @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
Blockchain, Product Design
For the love of young people, use the Blockchain technology to open the confession and wedding information in the world. At the same time, the use of smart contracts to carry out intelligent gaming fi……
by @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
Product Design
INCHAIN PAY is a blockchain money payment service platform for enterprises that provides in-app payment and wallet management capabilities for each currency, helping distribution companies focus on co……
Crush-Intelligent Hardware
by @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
Since ancient times, feelings have been the most incomprehensible things for everyone, especially in terms of love. This problem has plagued countless ladies and gentlemen in love. And our “heartbeat”……
Smart Contracts Platform
by脑洞组 @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
Blockchain, Smart Contract
The platform is deployed on smart contracts plus ipfs, contract records handle transactions, and ipfs is responsible for storing data. The platform solves the problem, providing AI product models and……
hello world
byhello world @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
Blockchain, Smart Contract
The traditional centralization guarantees that the operation of the community is opaque and prone to privacy scams. This project is based on the de-centralization of Blockchain and creates a decentral……
Work from Zhixing Tech Team
by至行科技团队 @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
Data Analysis
Supmall mall concept, obtain real-time location information through LBS, and analyze customer behavior through big data calculation and predict, classify and guide, obtain greater flow density and imp……
Real Estate Price coin
by乔布斯 @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
AI, Blockchain
Graphical real estate price decision-making tool: main core uses
ai Football Referee
by @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
Machine Learning
Football referees are increasingly replacing the stars as the protagonists of football games. In many cases, a referee’s misjudgment will result in a loss of several million or even tens of millions f……
Love Music
by跑调乐队 @4.14-4.51Blockchain@Beijing
Blockchain, Machine Learning
Intelligent karaoke machine based on alliance chain
Blockchain in progress
byCyptoGift @4.28-4.29 Blockchain@SF
cyptocurrency for charity, a decentralized system on which donators can trace every movement of
TrueChain(Solution to Truechain Competition (Digital Pet)
byTrue Pet @4.28-4.29 Blockchain@SF
Product Design, UI, UX
e-pet can raise one’s own digital pet on Blockchain. It can perform basic interactions.
byBoid Labs @4.28-4.29 Blockchain@SF
Blockchain, Data Analysis
Prediction market for Boid Community
AI& Blockchain
byChainStream @4.28-4.29 Blockchain@SF
AI, Blockchain
Decentralised live
by猪蹄真好吃 @4.28-4.29 Tsinghua
Interaction between school and office areas
Youxin Chain
by马拉松就像开派队 @4.28-4.29 Tsinghua
Blockchain, Data Analysis
Global lending which is based on Blockchain,用户体验inlian
Real Estate Price Coin(Renting Blockchain)
by房价币 @4.28-4.29 Tsinghua
Real Estate Price Coin(Renting Blockchain)
Chain Voice
by椋鸟酒馆之面壁者 @4.28-4.29 Tsinghua
Use Blockchain technology to realize the reward rating of news information, give credit ratings to real high-quality news information publishers, share real high-quality news information to the public……
Everyone Sing Along Song
by全民一哥 @4.21-4.22Shenzhen
Everyone Sing Along Song’s brief introduction: Based on the development of WeChat applet program, a music program like jump jump. A song every day, waiting for you to challenge. One song for the whole……
byDRChat @4.21-4.22Shenzhen
In order to promote the communication and reach out between users in different Ethereum DApps, a chat room platform was established to use the Ethereum MetaMask wallet account address.
by指北团队 @4.21-4.22Shenzhen
Because the implementation of funds in domestic philanthropic platforms and institutions is not open, the Chinese people are mostly biased and distrustful of charities. The use of Blockchain can effec……
byEmoji @4.21-4.22Shenzhen
Product Design
A page for making emoticons, allowing users to design and modify emoticons twice. And using virtual currency for exchange, virtual currency can be acquired by designing and commenting on others, thus……
My country dream
byCC_ @4.21-4.22Shenzhen
A role-playing game featuring fairness and open source. Expandable and interesting. Written by the pawn scripting language, the game engine is GTA SA.
Where is the country I want to choose? Easy to find and secure country/region selector design and production
by882 @4.21-4.22Shenzhen
When users use websites and apps, they often have to pick a country/region but can’t find it. Faced with this pain point, this project uses Unicode CLDR data with HTML5 form elements to develop an int……
Personalized travel route recommendation
by旅行猫 @4.21-4.22Shenzhen
Machine Learning, Product Design
The item customizes the personalized travel map log app for the user’s personal preference, using algorithm recommendation techniques.
by屁哥屁哥(猪猪) @4.21-4.22Shenzhen
AI, Blockchain
Piggy is a decentralized, based on Blockchain and distributed autonomous leasing platform.
by2点半 @4.21-4.22Shenzhen
Product Design
Dao Ting App serves a group of people, they love both the prosperous cities and calmness in villages. They don’t follow the majorities and the tour guide. They use Dao Ting anytime anywhere and receiv……
byEat All Coin @4.14-4.15 Seoul
Idea 1:2d game with unity – card 3d game with Unreal 4, Blockchain game 2: brand to develop community: card game: c# language production, registered account – login – link Blockchain wallet account, m……
Logo Chain
byEat All Coin @4.14-4.15 Seoul
Data Analysis, Machine Learning
Idea2: (logo chain) Select the brand with the highest public awareness, and distinguish the domain, and then establish an evaluation mechanism in the community. This mechanism can add value to the cur……
byOpenbox @4.14-4.15 Seoul
AI, Machine Learning
The impact of AI algorithms on human life is growing, but their internal operations are often opaque, and people are increasingly worried about how this technology works. What we want to do is “Open t……
Child Cognitive Enlightenment App
byHi SKY @4.14-4.15 Seoul
Data Analysis, Machine Learning
With the rapid development of information technology, from the Internet to the mobile Internet, AI technology has penetrated into every aspect of our lives. Our project uses the basic geometry to free……
byPhoenix @4.14-4.15 Seoul
Machine Learning
In the field of machine learning. Image analysis. Where in we can use images and do some image comparison such as facial recognition or image identification. its more of a data-analysis.—–we can ad……
Daily Runway
byInstant Infinity @4.14-4.15 Seoul
AI, Data Analysis
An Artificial Intelligence mirror display that helps you find the most suitable and fashionable dress based on today’s weather, and transforms your daily outfit into your sustainable profit and global……
byNEXT @4.6-4.7Wuhan
Our attitude is fresh and simple. Addicted to people and interesting are the effects we want.
Interactive trigger design of children’s hospital door lock based on emotional transformation
by哈哈小分队 @4.6-4.7Wuhan
For children of school age who are afraid of hospitals during medical treatment, they are in conflict with unfamiliar spaces and treatments (taking medicine, injecting needles, checking the body), etc……
by猿媛队 @4.6-4.7Wuhan
When there is Yuan, people can meet together even thousands away. This is a program for helping programmers to find true love!
byPREVIOUS @4.6-4.7Wuhan
If you want to understand this project, you must first understand the “story solitaire”, but if there is no limit to the story the solitaire is easy to fall into the cliché…so we have added restrict……
Customized Intelligent Chat Robot
by尬聊终结者 @4.6-4.7Wuhan
Machine Learning
By establishing stratification and setting different priority corpora, combined with artificial intelligence algorithms such as Bayesian classifier, the robot can imitate each user and generate a trul……
RPS Rock-paper-scissors
byRPS Rock-paper-scissors @4.6-4.7Wuhan
This project is a human-computer interaction game. This game is the memory of everyone’s childhood, it is a stone-scissors-cloth game. But this time, it is not a partner but a machine to play against……
EtheShop Blockchain Second-hand Market
by对不队 @4.6-4.7Wuhan
EtheShop, a second-hand trading platform based on Blockchain, solves the trust problem of multiple untrusted nodes in second-hand transactions according to the open and unchangeable characteristics of……
Interactive Visual Novel
by混吃混喝队 @4.6-4.7Wuhan
The protagonist returns to the country, and the class in which the protagonist is in will be inexplicable one more person each year. This person has passed away before, and the resurrection came to th……
Tongyou Pocketbook
by说的都对 @4.6-4.7Wuhan
Tong You Pocketbook is a WeChat Applet which used in the travel with friends. It can help you to solve the problem of public and personal accounts. It supports multiple people collaborative accounting……
IoT and Automated Office’s Story
by爸爸说的都对 @4.6-4.7Wuhan
Data is collected by using an IOT device and sent to Microsoft Flow for analysis.
Meng Live
byMoeLive @4.6-4.7Wuhan
In the current live broadcast, people’s demand for personalized live broadcasts is increasing. So our team focused on the process of beauty, filters, white balance, contrast, color value adjustment, a……
by“管他对不”队 @4.6-4.7Wuhan
The white forest is a game-like efficiency and custom app. Ordinary tasks, time investment in a variety of choices, completion of tasks with points and badge rewards. As the level rises, advance the s……
Nebulas+ Explorer
by小岛研究所 @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
A nebula Blockchain browser customized for developers.
Eat What
by吃么 @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
Eat What (what to eat)? Eat What? Girls love beauty and worry about eating fat, fat people want to lose weight and worry about eating thus have to do more sports, people who want to grow fat want to k……
English Reading
by黑智队 @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
Learning English like watching Tik Tok.
Jiangyou Ke
by醬油客 @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
Jiangyou Ke is a free organization. We look forward to free performing.
Web Extracter Coin
by第一队 @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
Everyone is the Web Extracter. When you help me to be the Extracter, I will give you token.
byHOTPOOR @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
Message aggregation, refining tag clouds, solving the lost, and climbing the stairs.
easyact Software Incubation Community
byeasyact(简单行动) @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
Software ideas online incubation community, unlike offline incubators, we provide crowdsourcing research and development, equity crowdfunding, sales channels, resource markets and other functions for……
by梭哈老头 @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
Count the various virtual currency assets held by individuals and generate pie charts; predict the market based on industry news semantic analysis; calculate the correlation between currency prices an……
Time Tunnel
by时光机小分队 @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
A software for writing letters to the future, with regular delivery, innovative media format (picture + voice), simple and easy to use (providing letterhead) features, can be used in a variety of scen……
bySSR @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
This project is based on the development of unity. The player controls a snake that walks on the sphere and competes with the snakes controlled by the computer ai. The gameplay has certain innovation.
byRandom @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
Data Analysis
A traffic operation tool for the Uploaders of, including user attribute analysis, video keyword analysis and other functions, to help the Uploaders of content production to expand the fan……
Stock Quantitative Exchange
by复利核力 @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
Solving the problem is the bumpy compound interest annualized 15 income, the plan is to optimize the three one price investment
by被关了起来队 @5.19-5.20 Shanghai
A comprehensive Chinese sentiment analysis and support for college tutor evaluation system
Memory Never Fades
by西电之家 @18.06Xian
Blockchain-based regional social app. Record the good memories of each trip, establish a personal electronic travel file, and realize the functions of mood drifting and interchange.
byDDL说的都对 @18.06Xian
Clism’s full name is “a Camera Launched with Image-Style Migration”, Chinese name quirky camera. It transforms your photos into a variety of fun styles, shares them with your friends, earns game point……
by长安四少 @18.06Xian
Positioned as a real-time battle painting game. The player prepares the deck in advance by painting, and the system extracts the feature points of the drawn image to generate a unique corresponding ge……
Sentence sparks
byStars @18.06Xian
Machine Learning
We use the deep neural network (LSTM, Attention) to build a sentence processor, modeling an English sentence or paragraph from thousands of dimensions, and can analyze the meaning association between……
Nocturne of Light
by做不出来王大夫就女装队 @18.06Xian
We developed a game called Nocturne of Light, which combines the names of my roommates and builds a Blockchain app with a beautiful narrative. It only takes three minutes to experience, and the whole……
Manicure 4.0
by梧桐西路那几个人 @18.06Xian
Intelligent Hardware
The team’s fashion nail art software based on rapid prototyping 3D printer allows users to use the mobile app to select or design nail art patterns and customize fashion nails through 3D printing. Thi……
Nova Planet AI Robot
by青苔 @18.06Xian
By using Hough transform, a series of image detection algorithms based on color and shape to track the motion state of the aircraft in real time, combined with the adb tool, the android script is used……
BCH Apocrypha
byBCHLabs @7.21-7.22Beijing
BCH smart contract and tokenization solution
Crystal Clear-Borderless Transparency “Crowdfunding + Crowdsourcing” Platform Based on BCH Network
byCrystal Clear @7.21-7.22Beijing
Definition: “Crowdfunding + crowdsourcing”
by蓝色空间号 @7.21-7.22Beijing
Definition: SafeHub is the perfect application for permanent storage of data in digital asset management. Function: file encryption, authentication, notarization. Uses: Management of digital assets. H……
Happy Transfer
byHappy Transfer @7.21-7.22Beijing
Definition: The best international money transfer, Functions: remittance in any two currencies, Uses:small international money transfer, Highlights: cheap, fast
bybitBillll @7.21-7.22Beijing
A bch-based electronic ticket system
bypick-u @7.21-7.22Beijing
This product is a BCH transaction information browser. This product can further realize the visual analysis of specific blocks and addresses.
Coin Pay
by飞猫 @7.21-7.22Beijing
Blockchain, Smart Contract
Definition: digital currency wallet, user’s digital bank. Functions: transfer, real-time currency prices, social, currency management. Uses: to solve the management of the user’s digital currency, to……
bypower @7.21-7.22Beijing
1. Decentralized fast payment, using fast and slow chain mapping technology to solve the problem of high-frequency offline payment scenarios 2. Balance income, using the quantitative strategy mechanis……
by淼淼淼 @7.21-7.22Beijing
The project participants vote for the project’s various expenses to make decision-making and generate a budget pool. The financial institution shall formulate a budget table according to this, and whe……
by猫脑花er @7.21-7.22Beijing
Asset chaining, asset trading, atomic exchange
byiGEO @7.21-7.22Beijing
Definition: A Blockchain application that advocates a low-carbon life. Function: Looking for charging piles, shopping malls, getting green pigments, generating green energy, green energy circulation…….
byblipay @7.21-7.22Beijing
Smart Contract
Developing BCH to complete online and offline scanning code payment
byHuFuture @7.21-7.22Beijing
BCHTornado is a simple and convenient face-to-face group payment tool
We insure smart contracts
bySmart - $urance @9.22-9..23GHS@Boston
AI, Data Analysis
Data silos for big data integration (DTP – Data Transfer Project based) into blockchain for insurance risk analysis
Weighted Multi-Tier Decentralized Voting Platform
byBlockchain at Columbia (Team Name); NOMOS (Project Name) @9.22-9..23GHS@Boston
We are building a weighted, multi-tier voting platform that experiments with principles from game theory, swarm theory, and mechanic design to offer a more robust voting ecosystem
Decentralized health data kickstarter powered by blockchain to allow data owners exchange health data for real health benefit.
byVita Data @9.22-9..23GHS@Boston
AI, Data Analysis
VitaData is a decentralized health data kickstarter platform powered by blockchain. It aims to leverage the $200B digital health market to solve the patient recruiting bottleneck issue during medical/……
A platform to set your goals and challenges backed with rewards
byI Challenge You @9.22-9..23GHS@Boston
Any goal can be achieved given the right motivation. Our Application ” I Challenge you” provides just that.
HypeFactors is a crypto currency discovery and research platform based on hype.
byHypeFactors @9.22-9..23GHS@Boston
Use social media and simulations of currency prices to guide blockchain project discovery and investment based on social media excitement. This platform uses a three dimensional visualization to help……
Smart Contracts for Good Grades
byGrade Money @9.22-9..23GHS@Boston
We used Bytom to make a smart contract as an incentive for students to get good grades. It would be a contract between teacher, student, parent. So when the student gets a good grade that the teacher……
byBuilders @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Blockchain, Product Design
Farmers can request micro fancing for there farms and end consumers like restraunts, stores, and mandi can finance them. Yet to push.
byDaisplit @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Data Analysis, Machine Learning
We have built splitwise smart contract on MakerDao and including Matic implementation on it. On top of it we have token analyzer smart chart which will monitor the expenses and other analytics.
Decentralised reviews
byParam @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Blockchain, Data Analysis
Reviews will play most critical part for any commerce transactions, now a days some reviews are fake and manipulate. Using reviews companies can monetize data.
byTreastech @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Blockchain, Product Design
We build a verifiable registry for cheques where other banks and customers can verify the cheque data
Insure Assist
byStealth Mode @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Blockchain, Data Analysis
Enabling the insurance firms to take better decisions based on data in claiming connected vehicle insurance.
Autonomous Power trading system for rural areas
byTeamLightBug @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Data Analysis
Our project allows trading power in local areas(Rural), using a system which is easy to maintain, does not require prior training to use/implement and makes it possible for greener and cheaper energy!
byHackoin @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Data Analysis
We are creating a currency currency called Hackoin which is very less volatile compared to other crypto currencies in the market and provides stable profit.
Block Auditors
byBlock Auditors @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Block Auditors: This is related to blockchain auditing and DAPP auditing. This is one solution in a single place.NA
byBlume @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Blockchain, Machine Learning
Our project involves messaging between two entities with one of them paying the other a fee to chat with the other (for professional reasons) for example consulting jobs.
byPuppyPay @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
We plan to create a mobile based wallet, that can send payment as messages.
Renewable Energy Trading System
byThat Joule-y team @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Data Analysis
The design leaves producers the freedom to choose their preferred pricing strategy for profit maximization. The price-availability-based allocation system guarantees consumers the lowest possible cost……
Decentralized Voting App
byArtifiHackers @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Blockchain, Machine Learning
Decentralised voting system , prevent hackers from fraud voting in
Blockchain in Email Marketing
byBits magnet @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Blockchain, Data Analysis, Product Design
Many companies send promotional mails. The conversion rate is very low. Only about 10% open it and 2% convert it. We are trying to build a email marketing system wherein if a user opens and clicks on……
byNeo @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
The basic idea of our project is to save digital art from being pirated. We have developed a webapp where you can sell your digital data for a price
AJ micro shared lender , platform for mini payments
by @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
It improves and provide platform to micro payments , and create a micro lender AHARSHRAJaj lender
Certificate Tracker
byThe girls block @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
recognising fake certificates of graduates who try to apply for jobs or masters
byUnblock @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Data Analysis
People don’t want to use of volatile cryptocurrency and any applications associated with that. In SplitPay we are trying to solve that problem by implementing a stable coin like Maker dai into a bill……
Will Security
byCrypitos @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
the project mainly deals with providing security to the will by integrating it with blockchain which will not be tampered.
byDAI Army @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Machine Learning
Payment App where we can split the expenses using smart contract. Payment done via DAI coins.
Huron Project Euclid
byHuron Hackers @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Data Analysis
Trying to solve Client /Vendor relationship issue in which transactions gets recorded on disparate ERP systems and trying to bring them on blockchain and also integrating them with Will be shared late……
Share Energy
byShare Energy @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
This is basically a web based decentralized application to sell and buy the energy renewable resources on a single platform.
byWalSplit @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
So, we have built a ethereum wallet (native iOS app) which permits the user to login and access the account and send receive money. But it is not just limited to that. If there is an invoice / bill th……
byKrishiseva @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
To raise funds by village communities to sustain and plan their agricultural needsKrishiseva
byBlockchainFC @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Decentralized Energy Management System using Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain and IPFS. Initially, this model can be setup locally in all localities, societies and neighbourhood connected with an energy……
Chat chain
byDS Hackers @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Machine Learning
Implement a messaging app that requires a user to set a bounty in order to communicate with someone. Anyone that wants to communicate with this user has to pay the bounty only after which communicatio……
byTransformz @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Renewable energyTraddingsystem
Endorsement System
byVBM DIGITECH @10.06-10.07GHS@Bangalore
Implement a simple endorsement system on the blockchain
Black Horse
byBlack Horse @10.20-10.21 GHS@Oxford
The Project attempts to draw a link between onchain transaction data and price movements of the cryptoassetNa
byTeam Finergize @10.20-10.21 GHS@Oxford
Finergize allows Fund Managers and Customers to directly operate in a peer-to-peer manner, without any intermediary to interfere.
Crypto sentiment price correlation analysis
byRandom @10.20-10.21GHS@Oxford
Machine Learning
We do sentiment analysis from Reddit posts and correlate with price data to come out with trading signals
Aaron Yang
byTartDAO @10.20-10.21 GHS@Oxford
Analyse arbitrage opportunity on crypto futures exchanges
Blockchain For International Identification
byCodeBreakers @10.20-10.21 GHS@Oxford
1.Convenience of identification 2.Theoretically international database 3. Timestamps transaction that allow for things such as immigration control that allow for easier population control
Decentralized stablecoin system with auto-inflation add-on
byThe UG’s (or newbies?) @10.20-10.21 GHS@Oxford
Simulation of new stable coin system vs Bitcoin performance None
byCryptolibrium @10.20-10.21 GHS@Oxford
Crypto Asset management real-time portfolio balancing with integrated arbitrage on each rebalance operation
Money Losing Trading Bot & Stable Coin Proposal
byThe Magnificent Swans @10.20-10.21 GHS@Oxford
Prime Factor Capital #1: To build a crypto trading bot; Fenbushi #2: to propose a stablecoin system
Trade route
byHow hard it is to come up with a team name @10.20-10.21GHS@Oxford
An algorithm to find the optimal mix of protfolio and the best routing to execute the
Reward based Searching Engine with blockchain and Reinfocement Learning
byWalnut tree @10.27-10.28 GHS@Seou
blockchain meet reinfocementlearning in search engine with reward systemWe dont have it yet.
byteamOne @10.27-10.28 GHS@Seou
user voice easyWallect system
byM-ROBO @10.27-10.28GHS@Seoul
MR. JUDGE is a security solution that detects anomalies in the nodes that make up a Blockchain and quickly and easily reports negative patterns through visualization.
Land Contracts
bySmart Realm @11.03-11.0GHS@Berlin
AI, Data Analysis
Multi-sig ERC20 smart contracts for land registry and transfer
Breed & Brawl
byxNFT @11.03-11.04GHS@Berlin
A move based game that implements non fungible tokens on neo
bydequ team @11.03-11.04GHSn@Berlin
Multiplayer geo gameEamag
Fall of Duty
byFoD-II @11.03-11.04GHS@Berlin
We try to bridge the gap between the game and the gamers. We tried to build a chat bot that lets gamers to interact with other gamers and use some game features outside the gaming platform.
byDigiOptions @11.03-11.04GHS@Berlin
AI, Blockchain, Data Analysis
Decentralized exchange offering digital options on crypto currencies.
byAlgoTecture @11.03-11.04GHS@Berlin
AI, Blockchain
Voting DID for property backup
bySuperCard @11.03-11.04GHS@Berlin
a supercard which can combine all your membership informationn/a
byBlockBase @11.10-11.11GHS@Tokyo
Publish digital content to IPFS and make it as Ethereum ERC721 token.
Decentralized self-media Platform
byBreak out @11.10-11.11GHS@Tokyo
A decentralized platform for self-media
IP Copyright Exchange
by5sWind @11.10-11.11GHS@Tokyo
IP Authorized Distribution Solution
byLiqu-novation @11.10-11.11GHS@Tokyo
In order to accelerate liquidity of stable coin in test net phase, how do we approach to the solution?